Upstairs in St Clement’s Church Hall, are our pre-schoolers known as the ‘Jelly Beans’.  Children by this stage are becoming increasingly independent and have developed their own personalities.  We aim to foster and nurture this, and provide positive experiences of the world around them.

Pre-planned activities are carried out and displayed daily in the room. Sand, water, play dough, books, music, construction toys, small world toys and art/craft activities are all provided on a daily basis, promoting all areas of the children’s development. Independence and a sense of self esteem and achievement are all concepts that are promoted.

The Jellytots and Jellybeans both follow a monthly theme involving all 6 areas of the curriculum:


  • Creative development  (art/craft/music/dance).
  • Language and Literacy  (songs/stories/rhymes).
  • Early Maths  (water play/learning colours/sorting, matching).
  • Personal Social and Emotional development  (Home corner/circle time/stories).
  • Physical development  (Action rhymes/outdoor play/trips to the park/soft mats and shapes).
  • The World Around Us  (Home corner/small world play/outside trips/stories).


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