JELLY BABIES 6 weeks - 12 months (approx)

Our Baby Room operates downstairs in the main Oasis building, catering for our very youngest children.

The staff approach is warm and loving, making sure all children are cuddled and cared for as much as possible during the day.

Most of all, the children are made to feel they are in a ‘home away from home’. This can be an anxious time for every parent who has to leave their child for the first time in daycare, therefore our staff are sensitive to this and work with every situation individually and be there to help as much as is needed.

Obviously babies’ needs are very important so staff will require as much information as possible about your child and their routine. For example, what time do they normally go to sleep? How do they go to sleep? Do they require a comforter? When do they require feeding etc? We try to be as consistent to this routine as we can, but obviously in a Nursery setting some things may vary.

Your child will receive a daily diary which staff will complete during the day and staff will have a handover with parents when they arrive to collect their child, to let you know how their child’s day has been.

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