Oasis Antrim: Youth Ways

Oasis Antrim: Youth Ways is a Community Based Programme which works to support young people who, for a variety of reasons, have disengaged from the mainstream education system. It provides an innovative approach to education and a wraparound support service for each young person and their families. A multidisciplinary team work towards enabling young people to re-engage with education, become independent and in some cases reintegrate back into their community. It will deal with some of the complex issues faced by young people in our community.

This personalised approach taken with each young person is reflected in the development of a personal action plan. This personal learning plan will consider their motivation, level of self-esteem and the many other factors that impact on their lives. We believe that given the right opportunities at the right time all young people can achieve their potential.

The young people on this programme  will have an opportunity to continue learning in a less formal environment, with a structured timetable which will include English, Maths, ICT, Personal Development, Employability, Citizenship, Vocational Education/Work Experience , Business Enterprise and  Adventure Learning.

Our Ethos
We want to take young people who have disengaged from learning and refine learning for them in a way that develops confidence, self-worth and helps them to aspire to better things through learning. Our work is founded on an absolute respect for the dignity of the young person whatever their circumstances and a belief that personal development can change and improve lives permanently. Our programme will focus on personal and social skills developing  emotional literacy and resilience,  providing young people with the skills and strategies to re-engage in learning or move on to further education or employment.

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